This blog post is long overdue as I went to Zadar in... October last year, and I'm typing this in... January! I had so many ideas for other blog posts that I completely forgot to write a travel guide about this beautiful city in Croatia.

But here it is, finally!

I spent two full days in Zadar. On the first one, I explored the city and since it's very small, at 4pm I had seen pretty much everything... My advice for someone wanting to go to Zadar would be to spend only a couple of days there, dedicating one day to explore the city and then finding an activity to do on the second one. I chose to go on a boat trip to visit some islands and it was so so amazing, but I know there are many beautiful national parks in the area like the Plitvice Lakes (oh I so have to go back to see this one!) so I'd recommend this if that's more your thing.

So if you're ever visiting Zadar in Croatia, here's what to see and do:

The Roman ruins and the Forum

One thing you have to know about Zadar: cars aren't allowed in the city centre (the old town) so this area is pedestrian-friendly and this makes it so nice to walk around. During this trip, I stayed at the Boutique Hostel Forum and its location couldn't have been better - right in the centre just next to the Roman ruins and the Forum!

The Roman ruins and the Forum are definitely worth seeing. I went inside the Forum and there wasn't much to see, they were doing so renovation work so I'd recommend to skip that part and just enjoy the beauty of the architecture from outside.

Strolling around Zadar

Before going to Zadar, I didn't really research what to do there. I mean, I always research a little bit the main things to do and see in a city, but this time I really wanted to go with the flow and just walk around and discover what Zadar has to offer.

And I did just that.

I got lost a couple of times, but in Zadar you won't get lost for too long - one because it's pretty small and you always find your way back, and two well if you're really lost, people there are unbelievably nice and they will go out of their way to help you.

Lovely park in Zadar

As I was wandering around Zadar, I stumbled upon this park called Perivoj kraljice Jelene Madijevke (I dare you to try and pronounce that haha) and I couldn't resist visiting it. I always love a beautiful green area in a city!

The Sea Organ and the Greeting To The Sun

These two things are probably my favourites in Zadar! The Sea Organ is... magical. There are no other words to describe it, simply and purely magical. As you walk along the sea, you can literally her the sea "sing" - this organ uses the waves and the wind to make music and it sounds absolutely gorgeous. I probably could have sat there and listen to it for hours.

At the very end of the Sea Organ is The Greeting to the Sun (also called Monument to the Sun or Sun Salutation). It's an art installation, a solar panel that absorbs the sun's energy during the day which is then used to display bright colourful lights at night. 

The view from the Cathedral of St Anastasia

I actually climbed up this cathedral on my very last day just before going to the airport as my plane was just in a couple of hours, but I really didn't want to miss this. Everyone said the view from up there was so gorgeous... And oh they were so right. It was such a nice way to end the trip.

Oh and I forgot to mention, this trip to Zadar was my first ever solo trip. Yep. My first ever solo trip eeek! And I loved it - I've read a lot about people travelling solo and I've always wanted to do it myself. I can now check this off my bucket list. And as a solo traveller in Zadar, I felt really safe and couldn't recommend the place enough for those who would want to go there alone too!

Have you ever been to Zadar or Croatia?