Last month, I spent a week in Bordeaux to celebrate Christmas with my family who lives there. I actually only went to the city one time during that week as I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family since I only see them once or twice a year. This small break was very much needed and it was so lovely to see everyone again.

My day wandering around Bordeaux was amazing as always - I'm so madly in love with this city and exploring it never gets old. Usually when you say Bordeaux, the first thing that comes to people's mind is the wine but trust me, it's so much more than the wine: it's also about the beautiful architecture that always leaves me in awe, the caf├ęs, the Garonne river, the shopping... 

Walking along the Quais

This is hands down my favourite place in Bordeaux. If you ever visit Bordeaux, please please please don't miss les Quais, you won't regret it! We got lucky with the weather that day and were welcomed with a bright sun even though it was a bit cold. The Quais are around 4.5 kilometers long and situated right next to the Garonne river. There are lots of restaurants and stores along the way and it's such a lovely place to go for a walk, grab a coffee and soak up the sun.

Shopping in Rue St Catherine

This is the best place if you want to do some shopping in Bordeaux. This street is the longest pedestrian street in Europe and is 1.2 kilometers long... Yes, 1.2 kilometers of shops! A dream for the shopaholics! They recently opened the Promenade St Catherine in this same street which is an area that they close at night and where they added some other stores as well as restaurants, a Starbucks etc.

Walking around Bordeaux and admiring the architecture

Bordeaux is one of the very few cities I could see myself live in. I'm actually DYING to live there - I'm thinking of doing my Master's degree there so I can live in the city for a couple of years. I don't know if I can see myself living there forever (I don't see myself living anywhere forever at the moment anyway, I really want to travel first!) but I have to admit that it would be so much fun to live there even just for one or two years so I can experience everyday life there. 

I'm saying this all the time but I'm going to say it again (sorry not sorry) - Bordeaux is definitely my favourite French city and I already can't wait to go back!

PS: I took (almost) all those pictures with my new Olympus Pen E-PL7 that I got for Christmas! What do you think of the quality? I personally love it and can't wait to take more pictures with it!

Have you ever been to Bordeaux? What is one city you could see yourself living in?