Let's rewind to March 2012. I was sixteen. I was in high school and I had braces... Ah, the awkward teenage years. But more importantly, I was obsessed with a band. (Who wasn't obsessed with a band in their teens?!) A British band. The Wanted. At the time, they were doing a tour all over the UK and as I was living in France, it was impossible for me to go to one of their shows.

There was this French radio that was doing a contest to win tickets to the band's sold-out show in London. To win, you had to call the radio when you heard two of their songs playing in a row. This is the kind of radio contests no one never wins, I thought. But still worth a try anyway.

So I listened to the radio all day with my phone in hand, ready to call. And when I finally heard the second song playing, I... dropped my phone on the floor. Damn it! I quickly picked it up and called the radio.

And guess what.


"Hey mum, so I kind of won a trip to London... I need one of my parents to come with me since I'm not eighteen yet. So, do you want to come with me?" 

"Wait, you WHAT??"

Three days later, here I was, on a plane, embarking on my first adventure to the British capital. It felt like a dream. The people who organised the contest paid for everything: our flights, our hotel for the night near the concert venue, and our tickets to that concert. My mum and I decided to stay a couple more days in London to visit the city, so we only had to pay for two extra nights in another hotel. Since we booked a room at the last minute, we got a 70% discount and we stayed in probably the most beautiful hotel I ever stayed at. We had a big room with a queen sized bed, an office area with a couch and a desk, and - the best for last - a TV in the bathroom. Literally. Like we could watch TV while taking a shower. I'm still not over this, ha!

The concert was absolutely amazing. I met up with some friends, made new ones, and I had the time of my life. Sixteen-year-old me was over the moon. But the next two days were even more amazing. It was my first proper trip abroad, my first adventure in London and I couldn't believe I was actually there. It was so different from my hometown in France, yet so beautiful.

And that's where it all began. That's when I realised there was so much out there in the world to see. Sometimes, I'm grateful for my awkward teenage years because if I hadn't liked that band, if I hadn't done everything I could to go to one of their shows, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to visit London that year (and bring my mum with me - it was her first time there too!) and I probably wouldn't have discovered my love for travel this early in my life.

Ever since that trip, my wanderlust kept growing and all I wanted to do was to travel and see the world.

How did it all start for you? Is there a trip you went on that made you realise you wanted to see more of the world?