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As part of my studies, I had to go to Spain in April/May 2016 to immerse myself in the Spanish culture. I thought long and hard about where to go and finally decided I'd spend 1 month in Valencia. I had heard a lot of great things about this city. After doing some research and looking at pictures, I was hooked! And then it was time to plan everything. I know some people don't like talking about money, but this article is to help those wanting to create a budget plan for their trip to España... So here's how much I spent for 4 weeks in Valencia, Spain:

Getting there

I took a bus from Marseille (France) to Barcelona (Spain) for 19€ via OUIBUS. It was a 7-hour journey, we left at 11 pm and arrived in Barcelona around 6 am. To be honest, traveling by bus isn't my favorite thing in the world, I'd rather travel by plane or train... I didn't get any sleep even though the seats were comfortable (it might be because I was way too excited for this trip!) But I'd still recommend traveling with OUIBUS if you want to save some money. It was so worth it for the price, the driver was super nice and there was even free wifi on the bus!  
But the journey wasn't over yet... From Barcelona to Valencia, I took a train for 40€. I'm sure I could have paid less using Blablacar for example. But after traveling all night on a bus, I wanted the comfort of a train.

TOTAL: 59€

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I booked an apartment on Airbnb with a friend, so luckily for us... We shared the cost! If you book accommodation on Airbnb and plan on staying a week or more, try to find a host who offers a weekly or monthly discount. We stayed there for a month and ended up paying 315€ each (630€ in total) because we had a 42% monthly discount!

TOTAL: 315€


I used the subway pretty much all the time to get to the center of Valencia as it was close to my apartment. A 10 journey travel card cost 8.20€. I bought three, so I paid 24.60€ in total. I also took the bus a few times to get back home after a night out with friends : a one-way ticket cost 1.50€. I used two or three times the MyTaxi App, which is a popular app in Spain, when I couldn't carry my heavy suitcase... (maybe one day I'll learn not to bring my whole wardrobe on trips!)

TOTAL: 50€

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As I was staying in an apartment with a well-equipped kitchen, I saved tons of money by cooking meals at home. My roommate and I paid around 100€ for grocery shopping. We split everything so I ended up paying 50€, which is not that bad in my opinion! But from time to time, I obviously ate out to try some Spanish food (SO yummy) and drink strawberry mojitos with friends, so I might have spent 60€ more.

TOTAL: 110€

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There are plenty of museums to visit in Valencia (more than forty!) and I must have visited at least fifteen, maybe twenty of them. Little tip: if you're a student, bring your student card with you when traveling to get discounts! Because I showed my student card at the entrance, all of the museums were either free or only cost me 1€, except the Museum of Science (6€). I also went to see a movie in the IMAX cinema in the Hemisferic building at the City of Arts and Science that cost 7€, and I visited the zoo Bioparc Valencia for 20€.

TOTAL: 50€

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Obviously, you won't spend the exact same amount of money as I did. The total cost of your trip will vary depending on the city you're going to, where you're staying (Airbnb? Hotel? Hostel? At a friend's place?) etc... I'm sure it's easy to spend less by only cooking meals at home and not eating out at all, or not visiting museums for example. This post was just to give you an idea, and I hope it helps!